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Take Five

Take Five

Described by Steve Martin as “an absolutely joyous, riveting, beautifully syncopated example of the beauty of the banjo,” Ned Luberecki’s new album, Take Five, demonstrates he is a master of his instrument, adept in multiple styles.

Take Five is a reflection of Ned's musical diversity, presenting fiddle and banjo tunes, instrumentals, and traditional Bluegrass interspersed with jazz standards, classic Buck Owens, and even the theme to Star Trek. Many of Ned’s musical friends from all walks of Bluegrass make appearances, making Take Five a sort of retrospective and reminding us that however we know Ned Luberecki - sideman, teacher, on-air radio personality - it all springs from his first love, the banjo.

Band:  Ned Luberecki
Release Date:  March 31, 2017
Label:  Clement E. Luberecki, Jr